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06 December 2006 @ 11:41 pm
Episode Ten, Teaser - "Down to Zero"  
Daytime - The Basement

Hyde is asleep on the couch. Kitty is coming downstairs with some laundry and stops as she sees him.

ERIC : (offscreen) But Mom, I don't see why I need to do my own laundry, too, since you're already--

Eric stops walking down the basement steps and also sees Hyde. Kitty places the laundry aside and walks up to him, nudging his shoulder slightly.

KITTY : Steven? Honey, wake up.

Hyde jumps slightly.

HYDE : I didn't do it! (sees Kitty & Eric) Oh. Hey.

ERIC : Hyde, man, what're you doing sleeping on the couch?

Hyde sits up, putting his sunglasses on, and Eric sits with him.

HYDE : Oh. Jackie. She's sleeping in my room. (looks at Kitty) You guys got mad the last time, so I figured it would be better if I was out here and she had the bed.

KITTY : I don't understand. Why is Jackie sleeping here again and it better be an answer that a mother doesn't mind hearing!

ERIC : Oh, yeah. I guess her mom spent all their money or something.

Hyde nods. Kitty looks upset.

KITTY : She told me before that something was wrong and I made fun of her mother! (she places a hand on her heart) I am a horrible, horrible woman!

HYDE : Don't worry about it, Mrs. Forman. We just gotta find a place for her to stay, though, because I'm not doing this every night. (beat) It messes the 'fro.

ERIC : Fez can't pay for his place alone.

HYDE : I tried that already, Forman. She didn't seem too excited to be living with a guy whose "needs" might bother her during "The Newlywed Game".

KITTY : Well, you've got to get her out of here before your father finds out. (laughs) I'm... I'm just terrible at keeping secrets!

HYDE : (to Eric) What about Donna?

ERIC : Nope. Jackie already said she wouldn't live with Bob again.

HYDE : I hate to say this, but... Kelso? (winces at the thought)

ERIC : Brooke and Kelso barely have enough room in their place for Betsy.

KITTY : Well, Jackie's so tiny, I'm sure they wouldn't notice.

Eric & Hyde just look at Kitty, who laughs.

KITTY : I'm going to go finish breakfast! You? (holds Hyde's face in her hands as she whispers) Get her out of here!

Kitty climbs back upstairs. Eric & Hyde look at each other.

HYDE : Laurie's room?

ERIC : Nope. (beat) The old hotel we worked at?

HYDE : And risk the wrath of Jackie bringing all that crap up again? No way.

There's a moment of silence, until Hyde finally smirks.

HYDE : Guess she'll just have to stay here, then!

JACKIE : (from Hyde's room) Steven? I accidentally broke your new "Led Zeppelin" record!

HYDE : (to Eric) Yeah, she's so outta here.