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Daytime - Pinciotti's Kitchen

Donna is eating cereal at the table with Bob as Eric knocks. She gets up to let him in and he runs inside quickly, shutting the door behind him.

ERIC : Hide me. Hide me now!

DONNA : Care to tell me why you're here so early?

BOB : We got "Frosted Flakes" for breakfast if you want some!

Eric looks around, panicked, then takes a deep breath and joins them for cereal. As he starts to eat, he makes fake happy faces.

ERIC : Mmm. (imitates Tony the Tiger) They're great!

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Evening - "Grooves"

Hyde and Leo are just closing up the store as Jackie runs in with a big grin on her face.

JACKIE : Steven! Steven! I had my first day of work as Christine St. George's personal assistant!

Hyde flips the sign on the front so it reads "CLOSED", then kisses Jackie.

HYDE : That's great. I'm assuming by the way you're trying not to jump up and down that it went well.

LEO : Hey! It's Loud Girl! You love--

HYDE : (interrupting) Yeah, yeah. (sits down at the listening pit, to Jackie) So?

Jackie walks over and sits on his lap, even more excited after overhearing Leo.

JACKIE : Well, I didn't get to personally do anything for her today. It was a lot of filling out forms and stuff. Telling them how wonderful I'm going to be at the show. That sort of thing. Tomorrow is my real first day.

Leo is staring at the cash register but not doing anything. Jackie points it out to Hyde.

HYDE : Leo, man, what are you doing?

LEO : I think I forgot something, man.

Jackie and Hyde look at each other dubiously.

HYDE : What? You didn't lock up the register?

LEO : No. I think I forgot to eat dinner, man.

Hyde just shakes his head.

JACKIE : Oh, Brooke's coming out tomorrow.

HYDE : Why do I care about Brooke?

JACKIE : Because she's bringing Betsy to the Forman's place instead of leaving her with Fez. I don't think Michael trusts him to babysit anymore.

HYDE : And you're telling me this so...?

JACKIE : So you can leave before YOU get stuck with changing diapers.

Hyde nods and kisses her.

HYDE : Well, that calls for some form of "thank you".

JACKIE : (beaming) I accept all forms of jewelry.

Hyde just looks at Jackie and she rolls her eyes.

JACKIE : Fine, fine. But this time? I want you to use chocolate ice cream, not vanilla.

HYDE : Not vanilla? (smirks) Not a problem.

LEO : Can I have some, man? I'm starved!

Hyde is cracking up by now, but Jackie is embarrassed. She smacks his arm and he stops laughing as we



Night - Formans' Living Room

Kitty is dressed up, finishing with a touch of lipstick. Eric has, by now, gotten more nervous and is using the clicker to go through channels at a rapid pace.

KITTY : Now, Eric. Just remember. Your father and I will be out all night for our anniversary dinner so I don't want any trouble for when we get home.

ERIC : Trouble? What trouble? There's no trouble.

KITTY : Eric...

ERIC : (finally looks at Kitty) Oh. Wow, Mom. You look great. (beat) Wait, you never wear those old earrings Grandma bought you unless something's wrong.

KITTY : What? (laughs nervously) There's nothing wrong! There's... (beat) Okay, then, you just.. you just go back to watching your T.V.

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25 October 2006 @ 07:16 am

Daytime - The Basement

Hyde is in his chair, watching TV. Eric is on the couch, flipping through some papers.

ERIC : I swear, I sent my application!

HYDE : Forman, calm down. You'll get accepted, you and Donna can leave this crappy town, and I'll take your room. Everything will be fine.

ERIC : (looks up) Wait. Why are you taking my room? Why aren't you just taking Laurie's room?

HYDE : No amount of peroxide can clean the stench of "whore" from that place.

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20 October 2006 @ 10:56 am
Daytime - Formans' Kitchen

Red, Hyde, and Eric are sitting at the kitchen table, not eating anything because there are no plates. Kitty runs into the kitchen, tosses some plates onto the table, then runs back out the living room door without saying anything.

ERIC : What's up with Mom?

RED : (reading his newspaper, not looking up) This is your fault, son.

HYDE : Knew it. Forman, you owe me ten bucks.

ERIC : Wait. We're not eating breakfast and this is my fault? How is this my fault? This is NOT my fault!

Kitty runs through the door again, and quickly grabs some half-burned pancakes off the griddle, hurriedly passes them out to the three men, then rushes out the living room door again.

HYDE : (looking at the burned pancake) I'm not touching that.

RED : Eat it or die, Steven.

Hyde sighs and begins picking at his pancake, while Eric still looks confused. Bob walks in through the kitchen door.

BOB : Thought I smelled some pancakes cooking and figured I'd head over here for a bite or two...

Hyde holds up one extremely-burned pancake to Bob.

BOB : Or not.

ERIC : Will someone PLEASE tell me why this is my fault?

Kitty comes rushing back into the kitchen and pours coffee for everyone, including Bob, who also gets handed a plate of burned pancakes. She rushes back through the living room door.

RED : Bob, when did Donna get her college acceptance letter?

BOB : Three days ago. (starts eating the pancakes anyway) Why?

Hyde and Red stare in silence at Eric.

ERIC : What? No! I... no! I filled out my application! I went to Africa! The, the mailman! He's got to be... (makes weird "crazy" gestures)

HYDE : (trying to interpret) Tall? Dizzy? High on some p...?

RED : (interrupts quickly) All right, all right, that's enough, Steven. You? Eat. And you? (looks at Eric) Make up some story for your mother so she can stop checking the damn mailbox every five minutes. Got it?

Kitty comes back in and grabs some eggs from the fridge, but Eric stands and puts a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

ERIC : Mom, it's okay. We're, uh... not hungry.

BOB : Yes we are!

Hyde, Red, and Eric all look at Bob.

ERIC : You know, I sent my letters to a different section of the school. It'll be awhile before I hear anything.

KITTY : Oh, sweetheart. I'm not concerned. Do I look concerned? I'm just excited! My little baby boy is growing up so fast and he's going to leave me all alone in this miserable dump of a house so NO, ERIC, NO I AM NOT CONCERNED! NOT CONCERNED AT ALL. (laughs nervously) Now you sit your cute little butt down there, mister, and eat while we all wait for the mailman to come.

ERIC : But Mom...


Eric and Bob both sit quickly, and eat their burned food while Kitty rushes back out once more. Red stares at Eric who just sighs.

ERIC : (defeated) Yup. My fault.

19 October 2006 @ 01:42 pm
We've now changed our original season from 13 to 22 episodes!!! And, thanks to the feedback we've gotten, we're posting them on FanFiction.net now. You'll see the episode here first, though, before anything goes up there.

Here's the link where the first four episodes are up: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3202388/1/

We've got the entire season plotted out now and we're working on the sixth episode! Thanks for reading & replying! Pass on the FF.Net link and the LJ one to friends and stay tuned for some interesting twists!
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Daytime, police station lockup

Kelso is sitting in a corner of the cell, pouting. The other guys are as far from him as possible. Jackie and Donna come into the room. Eric runs up to the bars and he and Donna kiss through them.

ERIC : Oh, Donna, thank God! I think Hyde was planning on selling me for cigarettes.

DONNA : Aww, honey... we discussed this. The plan was that if you ever ended up in stir, you'd make yourself the bitch of the toughest guy you could find.

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15 October 2006 @ 07:35 am

Daytime, Formans' kitchen

Eric is sitting at the kitchen table, papers in front of him. He's chewing on the end of a pen, deep in thought.

ERIC : (to himself) If I could be any plant, what would I be...? (laughs) Um, I bet they don't want to hear my real answer on that.

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12 October 2006 @ 02:23 pm
Night - Fez & Kelso's Apartment

Brooke and Kelso are making out on the couch. They pull away, smiling for a moment.

BROOKE : This is nice. Betsy's asleep, we're alone...

KELSO : You're here instead of Chicago.

BROOKE : We're alone...

KELSO : Fez isn't here.

BROOKE : Right. We're ALONE.

KELSO : Oh! Right. Alone.

They go back to making out, just as Fez walks into the apartment.

FEZ : Hey! Get a room, you two!

They pull apart and Brooke looks slightly embarrassed. Kelso just looks pissed.

KELSO : I live here!

FEZ : Yes, but I don't need to watch all of this!

KELSO : So leave!

FEZ: Fine!

KELSO : Fine!

FEZ : Fine!

Fez walks out and we CUT TO the Forman's Driveway

Eric and Donna are making out on the hood of the Vista Cruiser, just as Fez walks up.

FEZ : (annoyed) Why don't you just go do it in your bedroom like normal people?

Eric and Donna pull apart reluctantly.

ERIC : And you've been normal since...?

Fez storms off angrily, as Eric and Donna smirk, then go back to making out. We CUT TO the Basement.

Hyde and Jackie are all over each other on the couch, but as soon as they hear the footsteps of someone coming downstairs, they stop, pull apart, and fix their clothes. Fez sees them and joins them on the couch, sitting in between them as they watch TV.

FEZ : Finally! Time with my friends who are acting normal and NOT making out.

Jackie looks at Hyde silently, who gets the message.

HYDE : Yeah. Look, Fez, Jackie's gotta help me with some... business for the store.

JACKIE : "Private" business.

HYDE : But, uh, if you want, there's still a bunch of Forman's leftover "Playboys" upstairs.

Fez is oblivious to it all, but stands up, quite excited.

FEZ : Well, then, I will be busy for the next few hours!

Fez runs upstairs and as soon as he's gone, Hyde smirks at Jackie.

HYDE : This should be fun. Three... two... and...

Before we get to "one", we hear Red and Kitty yelling off-screen - "Oh my God!" "What are you doing?", "Get out of here, you pervert!" etc. Hyde laughs and shakes his head.

FEZ : (off-screen) Hyde you sonofabitch! I wanted porn!

HYDE : (yelling upstairs) And you got it!

He looks at Jackie. She looks at him. They don't say anything at all as they attack each other on the couch.

12 October 2006 @ 12:40 am

Daytime, Formans' basement

Hyde is sitting in his chair with his feet up, drinking a beer and watching TV. Kitty comes downstairs with a load of laundry.

KITTY : Steven? Aren't you supposed to be at the record store today? You know, like every day?

HYDE : I took the day off from work. I'm in mourning. (he laughs at something on TV) Ha, stupid Gilligan.

KITTY : Yes, Steven, you seem all broken up about it.

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