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07 November 2006 @ 01:31 pm
Episode Eight, Teaser - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"  
Night - Eric's Bedroom

Everything is seemingly back in order from when we saw it in Season Seven. Eric has just finished unpacking and is wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, and he takes one more look around before going to sleep. He frowns at the head of his bed.

ERIC : (yells) Mom? Dad? Come quick!

It takes a bit, but Kitty in curlers and a nightgown along with Red in his PJs show up. Kitty looks sleepy. Red just looks mad.

ERIC : Guys, seriously! Look! (gestures frantically)

RED : What the hell is wrong now?

KITTY : Oh, hush, Red. (to Eric) Can this wait until morning?

ERIC : NO! No, it can't! (beat) We've been robbed!

KITTY : What?

Eric gestures again to his headboard.

ERIC : All my G.I. Joes are gone!

KITTY : Oh, honey, of course they are.

ERIC : What?

KITTY : Well, you're a grown man now. So to surprise you, I got rid of all your dolls...


KITTY : (beat) Surprise! (laughs)

Eric looks at her in disbelief, then turns to Red.

RED : You're the one who wanted to move back home, dumbass. You want to be an adult, you're going to get treated like one, starting right now. If not, well, there's a foot just waiting to find a home in your ass!

Eric looks back at Kitty.

KITTY : (laughs) Goodnight!

Red and Kitty leave, and Eric collapses onto his bed as we